A letter from 1998

Today, in the post, Eaglebrook sent me a letter I wrote to myself in 1998. I’d forgotten I’d even written it (but now that I’ve received it, I remember writing it as it if were yesterday). Given I was supposed to get this several years ago, I suspect they may have been lost and then were accidentally found.

The letter reads as follows:

To my future self: 

When this was written, on [redacted] 1998, I had been [redacted] years old for [redacted] days. When I next read this, I will be [redacted]. I should like to thank all of my classmates this year for their friendship, and companionship. I do not now know what my future will be; when I read this I will. 

I have several things to say:

To Mr. Keep: your class was the best. I will remember it for the rest of my life, and you are by far the best teacher I will ever have. [This is true.]

To Ziggy [A], my room-mate: 1997-98 has been ‘bloody good fun!’ Enjoy Andover. Don’t be a twit. 

To Marc: Keep up the Judo. 

Lucius: lose some damn weight. [As if I should talk.]

Rizzo: dammit, you cheated to get that 108.75% on the WWII test. 

As a member of the last Russian History class at Eaglebrook, I should compliment Mr. [Hoaglund] Keep. Mr. Keep, this class has changed me in a significant way. You taught me more than I have ever known about Russia. I’m pissed that I got a “B” last quarter; however, I admit I could have worked harder. 

I am now attending my last class ever as a student at Eaglebrook. I will make a choice soon [note: secondary school attendance – I went to Loomis Chaffee], for the better or for worse. Ziggy, you silly Canuck, I won’t end up in a nuthouse. And Mr. Keep, in 10 years, I hope you won’t be too grumpy. 

I am happy that I will not have to see some of my teachers ever again; I will miss Mr. Hogan, Seth Worcester, the Kilroys, Mr. Lowe and Sepulveda. I look up at the clock and see I am now pressed for time; I wish I could write more. To close, this letter is about to be sealed for a very long time. I would like to say goodbye to you all. I hope to see you in ten years. 

A number of us didn’t make it. Most of us did. 

Damn, that went by fast.