Eris Industries Leaks – week 1

To our friends in the smart contract community, I can say only this: if you liked Eris, you’ll love Eris Industries.

A couple of officially unauthorised leaks. They may or may not be correct.

1) Eris Industries now has a subreddit. Please do subscribe. We’d love to hang out with you.

2) Eris Industries’ dev team is currently hiding out in the Company’s secret wilderness base in Canada.

3) Eris Industries uses blockchain technology to transmit title to live marmots securely over the public Internet.

4) The Eris Industries stack is now 78% more legal.

5) Who wants to burn money buying cryptotokens to develop on a blockchain? Or to use one? I certainly don’t. That’s why Eris Industries’ software – whatever that might be – will be totally free to use.

There is no pre-sale. There are no tokens. You won’t have to pay a single penny to use what we’re building. So all you’ll need to join the party is yourself, your talent, and your creativity. 

Which is exactly how open-source software should be. 

100ft marmot
Gospel truth

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