Zurich Fintech Fans Look Jealously To London

Daily Fintech

Switzerland and the UK have a lot in common. Both are “sort of” in Europe but keep their own currency. Both have economies dominated by financial services.

As a Brit who now lives in Switzerland, I  decided to go to Zurich to meet Fintech fans, to hear first hand out what is going on.

Many Zurich Fintechers had made the trip to London, the emerging Fintech Capital of the world, to see at first hand what is going on there. The overriding sentiment was:

“I wish Zurich was more like London”.

The London contingent might be thinking:

“It sure must be tough with all those great mountains, prosperity and perfect rail infrastructure”.

Specifically, the Zurich Fintech fans would like FINMA to be more like FCA. They would also like a tax-advantaged scheme like SEIS to encourage angels to open their checkbooks.

However, even if government in Switzerland were to listen…

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