We are in the 4th Fintech Era


Daily Fintech

This blog is usually about Emergent Fintech; in this post I looked at Traditional Fintech. However, that breakdown may be too simplistic. So here is my shortened history of Fintech divided into 4 Eras (call them Version numbers if you prefer).

Each era builds on the previous era. It is like going to an ancient monument and seeing the layers of history. One era does not stop when another starts, it is just that the new era is where the innovation is happening and when the venture money is flowing.

  1. International Banking
  • Driver: Bretton Woods, end of fixed exchange rates
  • Years of innovation: 1972 to 1984
  • Technology: multi currency accounting
  • Winners: Midas + Kapiti + Kindle = Misys and Temenos
  • What’s next? There are two scenarios:

 A. These systems will need to be upgraded to real time for the modern era, leading to a boom in core system conversions.


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