A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Chris Dixon About Venture Capital and Startups

“What the smartest people do on the weekend is what everyone else will do during the week in ten years.”
– Chris Dixon


1. “If everyone loves your idea, I might be worried that it’s not forward thinking enough.” 

Anyone thinking about starting a business should be searching for mispriced opportunities.  While markets are mostly efficient in eliminating opportunities for extraordinary profit, there are always areas of an economy in which there are significant uncertainty. These areas are excellent places for a startup to look for opportunities.

The best entrepreneurs have learned that large businesses are investing huge amounts of capital in areas in which extensive information is already available, and that it’s most advantageous to create new businesses where information is not available. In other words, the best opportunities for startups tend to be in areas that are overlooked and less well-known by others. What Chris Dixon is saying is that if everyone loves your idea, this may be a “tell” that there will not be opportunities for extraordinary profit. The venture investor…

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