Application developers making difficult choices among Blockchain platforms

There is only one choice, of course. Because there’s only one platform that gives them absolute freedom to do whatever the hell they want with their own blockchain or blockchains.

And that’s Eris. 🙂

Daily Fintech

In Daily Fintech, we tend to focus on the top of the stack, at the application layer. However, Blockchain technology can be used for so many new applications that we need to understand the underlying technology platforms.

It can get confusing at this layer of the stack for three reasons:

  1. We are forced to think outside the box. A decentralized trust-less platform is so fundamentally different from the centralized cloud server based world we live in now at a technical, commercial and societal level.
  1. It is technically complex. Making it easy to build decentralized trust-less systems that are as easy, secure, fast and reliable as the current cloud server based solutions is technically very, very hard to do.
  1. It is a moving target. The players are constantly iterating and changing as they jockey for position in a large and fast-developing market. Just when you have got something neatly categorized…they…

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