Hey! I thought we were friends.

From the Eris Industries company blog:

“Although I’m pleased to report that we now have premises in the United States, I’m disappointed to report that – despite nearly uniform opprobrium from business and the press – it would appear, per yesterday’s reporting in Ars Technica, that the British government persists in its position that encrypted communications, and presumably by extension any open-source cryptography, are the kind of things that the government should be able to break, on issuance of a warrant signed by a politician and not by a judge…

“Why centuries-old judicial safeguards should be replaced with political control is beyond me. Why such a proposal should be put forward by the Conservative Party – recalling the occasion when Margaret Thatcher reportedly slammed a copy of Hayek’s Constitution of Liberty on a table before saying, “This is what we believe” at a Conservative Party policy meeting – I find even stranger still.”

The Conservatives are driving me crazy at the moment. I don’t get it. 

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