What banks can learn from media companies that were hit by the digitization tsunami a decade ago

Daily Fintech

By Bernard Lunn

One of my favorite Fintech strategists is Chris Skinner.  He usually gets it right and does it in interesting and entertaining ways. However I think he gets it wrong in this post in American Banker where he says:

Like Airlines and Pharma, Banking’s Too Big to Disrupt

I am not sure why he got it wrong. Maybe he was trying too hard to give American Banker readers what they wanted to hear (despite all the hype, don’t worry, banks will be just fine).

Or maybe he failed to do the digitization % test. This is what % of a currently delivered service could be delivered digitally? The example he uses of airlines illustrates this. The % that can be delivered is low – you still need physical planes and fuel and pilots and…

It is not size that protects airlines from disruption it is the % of…

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