Monthly Archives: September 2016

The MIT Licence, Line-by-Line

Outstanding bit of legal writing by Kyle Mitchell: First, “including without limitation” is a legal antipattern. It crops up in any number of flavors: “including, without limitation” “including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing” “including, but not limited to” many, many pointless variations All of these share a common purpose, and they all fail […]

Photography is dead, thanks to the culture algorithms

Algorithmic, formula-driven music was the topic of a much longer (2200-word) post I wrote this weekend. Now Apple gives us unashamedly algorithmic photography, to take all the work out of creating an interesting picture. So now twentysomethings can not only make people think they’re having far more fun than they really are on Instagram, they […]

Glam Rock Monday (Against the Culture Algorithms)

I have this little thesis that the height of western culture was at some point around 1975, with the crescendo beginning in in 1965 and the echo slowly fading through the late 1980s. As evidenced by the fact that popular music from that roughly twenty-year period, give or take, is awesome. The best genre to illustrate this, in my view, […]

On witch hunts (in defence of Judge Persky)

Today, Brock Turner, the Stanford University swimmer convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault, was released from prison after serving three months of a six month sentence.  Widespread outrage has been expressed over this early release, much in the same way that widespread outrage was expressed when the sentence was first handed down. This prompted Reid Hoffman, Silicon Valley […]