Why I love what I do for a living

Financial Cryptography is substantially complex, requiring skills drawn from diverse and incompatible, or at least, unfriendly, disciplines. Caught between Central Banking and Cryptography, or between accountants and programmers, there is a grave danger that efforts to construct Financial Cryptography systems will simplify or omit critical disciplines…

For a field that is nominally only half a decade old, by some viewpoints, it is apparent from the implementation work that has been done that many more aspects were involved than envisaged by early pioneers. Financial Cryptography appears to be a science, or perhaps an art, that sits at the intersection of many previously unrelated disciplines:

  • Accountancy and Auditing
  • Programming
  • Systems Architecture
  • Cryptography
  • Economics
  • Internet
  • Security
  • Finance and Banking
  • Risk
  • [Marmots]**
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Central Banking

-Ian Grigg, ‘Financial Cryptography in 7 Layers

**note: Ian Grigg did not actually include marmots on his original list.

Introducing Eris Industries

Sorry for being quiet/off the radar for so long, but I’ve been a little busy lately getting Eris Industries, the commercial offshoot of Project Douglas, up and running with my co-founder and legal coder extraordinaire Casey Kuhlman for the last couple of months.

We expect to have a bit more to say about the product in early Spring 2015, although I will be posting relevant updates here on the site from time to time (and getting back into blogging a bit more as time allows), so stay tuned.

I’m also very proud to report that EI is the most recent addition to the Anthemis Ecosystem, a pretty impressive group of enterprises which includes online banking innovator FidorBank AG and disruptive insurance firms including Trov and, formerly, the Climate Corporation. We’ve been given some big shoes and we intend to fill them.

We consider ourselves very lucky to be working with the Anthemis team, are very fond of them and could not have asked for a better set of venture partners to get the company off the ground. And fortunately they get the whole marmot/woodchuck thing.

Further bulletins as events warrant.