I’m an independent consultant, English-qualified structured finance solicitor, and fellow of the ASI. I advise law firms, corporate counsel, and the public sector how to engage with emerging technologies, with a particular focus at the moment on cryptocurrency, blockchain cryptography and distributed systems, through my consulting firm Tomram LLC. 

I’m also a founder and former COO of Monax, makers of the first open-source permissioned blockchain client way back in 2014. This chain has since evolved into the Hyperledger Burrow blockchain client, presently the Hyperledger Project’s only Ethereum Virtual Machine.

This here is my blog about law, politics, distributed systems, and whatever else I happen to be thinking about. In my free time, I’m known to advocate for civil liberties, digital rights, due process rightsfree markets, and sensible regulation of cryptography.

I’m also a superfan of marmotsso don’t be surprised if one turns up in a blog post. 

Though I write about legal things, I am not your lawyer and nothing on this blog is legal advice. Copyright yours truly 2012-2018 but licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0