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Happy Memorial Day

“But those whose cry is – ‘Our country, right or wrong!’ and who would add to our eighty-odd possessions others to be similarly obtained, will contemplate with disgust such a restriction upon military action. To them no folly seems greater than that of practising on Monday the principles they profess on Sunday.” -Herbert Spencer, Patriotism

Dennis McKinnon, Casey Kuhlman and Preston Byrne present: Trustless Xzibit

Following my last Yo Dawg post, and a structuring call that went till 4:30AM this morning (to think some people go out on a Friday night), I bring you: Yo Dawg: Blockchain Edition.   Combined with the all-encompassing power of Xzibit, one sentence can sum up the future of commerce:  

and I’m all out of bubblegum

I’ve been remiss in updating the blog for the last week or so – my bad. It’s not without good reason: first there was preparation for and attendance at the EU digital currency associations’ co[i]nfab and Bitcoin 2014 in Amsterdam – which was awesome. Easily the most fun I’ve ever had in a professional setting.  I’ve never met a more […]

Thank you

…to those I have worked with in the smart contract, libertarian/ancap, Ethereum, and Bitcoin communities who nominated me for a 2014 Blockchain Award for Bitcoin Legal Expert – I’m hugely flattered to have been nominated, let alone to have been named a finalist. Getting to know you all has been immensely enjoyable, and is easily the […]

Breaking news: bank finds productive use for altchain; world does not end

This week’s news that German online bank Fidor is incorporating Ripple Labs’ blockchain into its operations is, without question, the most significant development in the cryptocurrency space this year.** Though a relative newcomer to Bitcoin, I was into smart contracts before they were cool, and saw this possibility coming a little while back. As I pointed out in Tim Swanson’s book Great […]