Eris: Platform for distributed autonomous organizations on the blockchain

I remember being 21 years old, fresh out of university and moving to London and thinking: “what the hell am I going to do with my life?” Then you see people excited and writing about something novel you’ve helped to build.
And it all starts to make sense.

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Eris — a platform for distributed autonomous organizations (DAOs) that use Ethereum blockchain technology — was launched this week by Project Douglas.

According to the project Webite, Eris software is open source and licensed under a modified MIT License.

The Project Douglas development team consists of Dennis McKinnon, Casey Kuhlman, and Preston Byrne.

The Website for Eris is at:

The code for Eris is on GitHub:

Here is a description of the platform, from the project’s Website:

[…] we are pleased to present Eris, a platform which allows developers and users to deploy consensus driven applications which rely on decentralized architecture and a consensus driven blockchain database backend. Eris is meant to be an adaptable software package which is designed to be modular, easily copied, and easily modified – and therefore used in many different applications. We intend to use Eris as…

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