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Well I’ll be damned: BTSX BitAsset market failure after only 5 days

What if we were to scrap it all and start over? What would a new financial world look like? A world where we could protect what’s valuable without needing to trust anyone. A world that will never need bailouts. A world where your financial life is absolutely private. Where your funds can never be seized […]

Cool story, bro

From the TBI Daily: Today, there aren’t really any good reasons for a US customer to use bitcoin instead of a rewards credit card.  He or she would be giving up 0.5% in bid/ask spread on the listed purchase price, up to 1% (or more) to acquire the bitcoin initially, and 1% or more in opportunity […]

Crowdfunding Bitcoin startups is eating your own dog food – controversially

Originally posted on Daily Fintech:
When I first started looking at Bitcoin 2.0 startups (Altcoins and decentralized apps using Blockchain tech) I would see “IPO” mentioned. This had me thinking “WTF” as these are really early stage ventures, far removed from the financial metrics demanded by investors for an IPO. These ventures realized they were…

BitSharesX: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

[NOTE: be sure to read the comments below this blogpost, where the conversation continues.] Twitter is somewhat on the quiet side, considering BitSharesX is the next big thing. What I have seen, I view with skepticism: don’t tell anyone about #bitshares and #btsx PLEASE – maybe i am interested to buy some, but i want a better price – […]

Norton Doge Fulbright

If only. What’s actually happened is that the firm has finally put up its official public page for its international crypto practice, which I’ve been working on pretty much every day until 3 AM for the last six months. How cool.