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A simple explanation of how Apple Pay works (probably): It’s all about tokenization

Originally posted on Richard Gendal Brown:
Forget contactless point-of-payment… that’s a solved problem. Apple’s use of tokenization is the interesting part [USUAL DISCLAIMER: I have no inside info, these are personal views] I’ve been using a beta version of ApplePay on my iPhone 4 for some time now… My very old, but very effective, Barclaycard contactless…

Those who cannot remember last week are condemned to repeat it

The financial savants of BitSharesX have overturned the laws of economics once again.    Short memory. Recall that only last week the peg broke – in its first week of operation – and the devs had to unilaterally intervene to shut down the entire BitAsset market as a result. How has this problem been fixed, pray tell? Why… more […]

A letter from 1998

Today, in the post, Eaglebrook sent me a letter I wrote to myself in 1998. I’d forgotten I’d even written it (but now that I’ve received it, I remember writing it as it if were yesterday). Given I was supposed to get this several years ago, I suspect they may have been lost and then were accidentally […]