Change The Bank By Importing StartUp Culture

“Building a startup is a really stupid thing to do – like creating art, climbing a mountain or going into a downhill ski race is a really stupid thing to do.”

Daily Fintech

Last week I wrote about how Banks could change the model of financing Fintech innovation through an intrapreneurial process. A few people pointed out how hard this is to do well. They are right:

Creating a great start-up is incredibly hard, but it is easy compared to fundamentally transforming a big business.

It is incredibly hard, but not totally impossible and this is the mission of “change the bank” initiatives. Banks are trying to do this, so it is worth looking at examples of how this kind of transformation has been done well.

There are no case studies of banks doing this kind of transformation, for the reason is simply that, to date, there has not been any need for Banks to transform themselves.

So we have to look to the technology industry to find success stories to emulate. Technology companies face disruption regularly, when some new wave of technology…

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