The Marmotoshi Scale

Will be updated as time goes by. Not forever, but at least as long as it seems that the usual sketchy goings-on in the Bitcoin world are moving at a rather accelerated pace – which they have been over the last two weeks.

So I’d like to keep track. Because the press probably won’t. (Note: one small online media outlet, to their great credit, is.)

Rated 1-5 rather like the Fujita Scale. I call it the Marmotoshi Nakaburrow Scale.


With worked examples

Category 1: “Had better things to do”

Category 2: Unquestionably hacked

  • CoinTelegraph

Category 3: “Hacked”

Category 4: Protocol death

Category 5: Global crypto cataclysm

  • World-ending disaster e.g. ECDSA turns out to be a figment of everyone’s imagination, or Eris Industries changes its mascot to a prairie dog instead of a marmot, or some other circumstance that our feeble mortal minds cannot even comprehend.

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