A Bitcoin IPO such as Coinbase could trigger mainstream merchant adoption

Nothing about a Bitcoin industry IPO would make Bitcoin work any less badly than it currently does.

Daily Fintech

Warning: speculative futurology alert.

An IPO today is more of a branding event run by the CMO than a funding event run by the CFO.

If your venture has a lot of market traction and you want $100m, get your CFO to call a couple of funds. If you want to be on the front page and on TV for exposure that no amount of marketing budget can buy, do an IPO.

The first Bitcoin venture to do an IPO could ignite the public’s imagination and that could move Bitcoin into the mainstream.

Or it could be the signal of a crazy market top, like AOL buying Time Warner in January 2000.

In short – there is a lot at stake!

The Coinbase $75m raise does sound like a Pre IPO round.

Of course Coinbase would have to be ready to IPO. I am not privy to Coinbase Financials (if I was I would…

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