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Comin’ straight from the underground

How to explain the value of replicated, shared ledgers from first principles

Originally posted on Richard Gendal Brown:
“Digital currencies” aren’t needed to explain why distributed ledgers are important. In this post, I develop an argument for replicated shared ledgers from first principles. It is intended to be an “education piece” aimed at those, particularly in the finance industry, who prefer explanations of new technologies to be rooted in…

Try the whole “blockchain without bitcoin” thing for yourself

Thanks to this handy tutorial by our CEO, Casey, you can do it yourself. Today (though the full three-step easy-install will be live on the website on Monday). You know you want to. And one other thing: no purchase necessary.

Why Bitcoin’s male domination will be its downfall

Originally posted on Fusion:
Nathaniel Popper’s new book, Digital Gold, is as close as you can get to being the definitive account of the history of Bitcoin. As its subtitle proclaims, the book tells the story of the “misfits” (the first generation of hacker-libertarians) and “millionaires” (the second generation of Silicon Valley venture capitalists) who…

This is Blockchain Country

(Note: this post is dedicated to Jackson Palmer, who finally got sufficiently sick of the BS in the crypto space that today he up and quit. Honorable mention to Ben Doernberg.) TL;DR: Blockchains are easy. They’re databases. The “crypto evangelists” are confusing everyone by conflating the commercial and governance relevance of the technology with unnecessary political baggage.  […]