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Push For Greater State Surveillance Powers Could Have Chilling Effect On U.K. Tech Sector

Originally posted on TechCrunch:
The U.K. government is lining up a new piece of legislation to expand the state’s digital data capture powers. The incoming bill, the Investigatory Powers Bill, was announced in the Queen’s speech this week. It has not yet been published in draft form so specific details of what is being planned remains unclear, but…

The Obsession With Silicon Everywhere

Originally posted on TechCrunch:
There are many commentators who argue that there is a bubble in Silicon Valley today. They may or may not be right, but there is certainly a bubble in places named after the preeminent global tech ecosystem. Silicon Border. Silicon Hills. Silicon Steppe. Silicon Prairie. Silicon Roundabout. Silicon Gulf. Silicon Avenue.…

Tim Swanson: “What impact have various investment pools had on Bitcoinland?”

Calling it exactly like it is: people have just spent $800 million, on a product they did not understand, which is – in all likelihood – now totally out of date: The tl;dr is that there are multiple unseen cost centers that have likely absorbed capital that would have otherwise been more productively deployed elsewhere.  […]

Why Every Enterprise Startup Needs A New York City Presence

Originally posted on TechCrunch:
Editor’s note:?Jonathan Lehr?is Venture Director at?Work-Bench?where he focuses on early-stage enterprise technology investments. He is also the founder of the?NY Enterprise Technology Meetup. I recently wrote about the state of enterprise tech in NYC in order to showcase New York’s growing enterprise startup ecosystem. In highlighting the 70+ enterprise startups headquartered…

An Interesting Biography, an Interesting Blog, and an Interesting Lecture on ‘Ideal’ Money

Originally posted on thewealthofchips:
A certain saying I have been developing over the years goes something like this ‘Some things you cannot understand in parts’ (this saying will actually become more significant as time passes if this article has any truth to it at all). So please bare with the seemingly random or unrelated points.…