The Obsession With Silicon Everywhere

“Instead of spending, try listening. Maybe the regulations around venture capital need to be reworked. Maybe hiring and firing for startups is prohibitively expensive. Maybe broadband networks need to be modernized. Every region and city in the world has something it is doing well that could be potentially world-changing. That will always be your best ticket to the high-growth lottery.”

Tim Swanson: “What impact have various investment pools had on Bitcoinland?”

Calling it exactly like it is: people have just spent $800 million, on a product they did not understand, which is – in all likelihood – now totally out of date: The tl;dr is that there are multiple unseen cost centers that have likely absorbed capital that would have otherwise been more productively deployed elsewhere.  Some of these costs were related to compliance — which many startups assumed would not exist or could be ignored.  Others included denial of service (DOS) and ransomeware which no one besides Bruce Schneier could have predicted or thought of years ago. In addition, consumer…

An Interesting Biography, an Interesting Blog, and an Interesting Lecture on ‘Ideal’ Money

Originally posted on thewealthofchips:
A certain saying I have been developing over the years goes something like this ‘Some things you cannot understand in parts’ (this saying will actually become more significant as time passes if this article has any truth to it at all). So please bare with the seemingly random or unrelated points. The material I’d like to bring to the community’s attention is quite dense, but I’ve tried to highlight the key points into one article. There is certainly more material (much more) to cover and present on this subject. Who is John Nash? The Man Over…