Tech Giants Pile On In Support Of The NSA-Curtailing USA FREEDOM Act

Give two fingers to the tech giants. Why use someone else’s servers when you can do it yourself without them?


Following previous gestures of support, a grip of technology trade groups representing the industry’s largest players signed and released a letter expressing support for the House’s USA FREEDOM Act, a bill that would curtail the government’s bulk surveillance programs.

Previously, the technology group Reform Government Surveillance noted its support. That consortium is now joined by TechNet, the Internet Association, the Information Technology Industry Council, and the Computer and Communications Industry Association in substantiation of the bill.

A vote is expected on the bill this week, and there are calls in the Senate to follow the lower chamber on the measure.

The groups were explicit in their praise:

The USA Freedom Act as introduced in the House and Senate on April 28th offers an effective balance that both protects privacy and provides the necessary tools for national security, and we congratulate those who participated in the bipartisan, bicameral effort that…

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