The Importance Of Choosing The Right VC

“Real startups need more than money from their VCs. They need their connections and their advising services.”


Editor’s note: Michael Litt is CEO and co-founder of Vidyard, a video marketing and analytics platform.

Like so many young startup founders, I find myself alternating between laughing out loud and cringing as I watch the Pied Piper crew navigate the business world on HBO’s “Silicon Valley.” Having spent a good chunk of last year raising my own company’s latest round, the conversations about investment and valuation really hit home.

Looking back, I’m thankful the only body parts on the table in my VC meetings were elbows.

The show gets so much right about struggling to get your product to market, dealing with eccentric personalities and navigating the Sand Hill Road dog and pony show. But I was cringing as Richard and Erlich obsessed over dollar amounts at the expense of where the money was coming from. It’s an easy trap to be dazzled by dollars, and Pied Piper…

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