A Closer Look At The Silicon Valley Vs. Wall Street Talent War

“More than salary, they want to be impactful: a part of building something new, or changing the fundamental nature of a given process…

“…The writing is already on the wall. Consider the uptick in traditional financial institutions like J.P. Morgan, Fidelity and T. Rowe Price increasingly participating in high-profile funding rounds for fast-growth private tech companies in addition to (and often in place of) traditional venture capital firms.”


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Gordon Gekko is but a distant blip in the rear-view mirror for this generation’s best and brightest. In lieu of Wall Street, today’s top graduates are flocking to SiliconValley and other top technology hubs in droves, drawn in by visions of challenging the status quo with world-changing apps and the opportunity to make a real, lasting impact in the world. Talk of the “SiliconValley vs. WallStreetTalentWar” continues unabated — and popular wisdom suggests that you need to be anchored in SiliconValley to do meaningful work these days.

While it’s an increasingly common narrative, is it accurate? In a word, no. The “Us vs. Them” mentality that this debate often takes is misleading; the reality is that there is an increasing opportunity for seemingly disparate sectors to unite through the budding opportunities and innovations in fintech.

Before digging into…

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