This is why you don’t backdoor anything, Mr. Cameron

From Motherboard by way of Graham Cluley’s Security Blog:

To make matters worse, every copy of Hacking Team’s Galileo software is watermarked, according to the source, which means Hacking Team, and now everyone with access to this data dump, can find out who operates it and who they’re targeting with it.

“With access to this data it is possible to link a certain backdoor to a specific customer. Also there appears to be a backdoor in the way the anonymization proxies are managed that allows Hacking Team to shut them off independently from the customer and to retrieve the final IP address that they need to contact,” the source told Motherboard.

Or, as put by Cory Doctorow:

“Weak Crypto” is like “slightly fatal.”

Seeing as a proposal to backdoor everything in Britain is currently on the table for this Parliament’s legislative agenda, the Hacking Team incident has particular relevance for the British commercial tech scene.

Mr. Cameron, we’re your friends – we’re really trying to do the government a favour here. Just work with us to make a safer, stronger internet, for crying out loud! 

Your electorate will thank you for it.