Money And Politics: Bitcoin’s Governance Crisis



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A lot of intriguing and conflicting things have been said about Bitcoin in the past few years. Some see it as the salvation of the financial system, others as a new toy, appealing only to the technologically savvy.

Say what you will, but so far, Bitcoin is a technological success. Minor glitches aside, the developer community that originally rallied to launch this project forward turned an immature, yet mind-opening computer protocol into a functioning monetary system, operated and used worldwide.

These developers’ personal investments have been enormous. It took incredible creativity and innovation to combine knowledge in software engineering and cryptography with a high political sense, game theory with international diplomacy and computer networking with coalition forming and mass persuasion.

[tc_writerquote align=”left”]Strong leadership does in fact help forge consensus. [/tc_writerquote]

All of these skills are required to lead Bitcoin’s core development. As the stakes go up and the…

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