Monthly Archives: May 2016

#THEDAO: As it unfolds

Two weeks ago, I wrote that #THEDAO was “irredeemably broken;” and as a result, likely to wind up being a crap sandwich for everyone involved. I called for the token sale to be abandoned, for users to be returned their funds, and for all persons involved in this enterprise to start from scratch. Because if you’re building […]

#THEDAO: Broken, but worth fixing

tl;dr – there’s a thing called THEDAO, and it’s almost irredeemably broken. In many, many ways.  This blog post doesn’t discuss the economic or game-theoretic aspects of its brokenness – this piece by Bitshares’ Dan Larimer over at does so very capably, so there’s no need to duplicate that work. My expertise in this field relates to how […]