#Brexit: Eris Industries backs the EEA Option

(Link to original blog post here.) Being a lawyer-led company, Eris Industries has a bunch of legal knowledge in-house – more so than most software companies. As such, we’re quick to form informed opinions about things. From our very early opposition to the #IPBill eighteen months ago to our pro-remain position on #Brexit, we take public positions on policy issues early. Naturally we have thoughts on the EU membership referendum which occurred last week. You may have noticed that the people of the United Kingdom voted “Leave.” A tremendous disappointment for British Business Any way you look at the “Leave”…

Legal #Brexit

Just stumbled across this outstanding conference call from Allen & Overy last Friday. A must-listen:   “The EU is a very large law project. It has involved the creation of law, it has involved the harmonisation of law. It is my strong conviction that the legislation that will be needed to implement this decision, it is very important for this country that that legislation is cool, measured and rational. And that it does not bear the mark of rancour.” “This is like a demerger. The biggest in history.”

#BREXIT: For the record

Just jotting a few thoughts down for my regular readers, to be expanded upon when time allows. There’s so much to unpack: 1. Not until the Fat Lady sings Remain campaigners all said Brexit was a terrible idea. Within 12 hours of the result being announced: Market turmoil galore. Equity markets – and hence values of pensions – reduced in value by trillions of dollars. Britain’s currency falls 10% in minutes. UK’s economy shrinks in size at such speed that it swaps places with France on the GDP league tables, falling to sixth in the world, in the space of a single…

This is how awesome America used to be

Interpretation 1: “Whatever, dude. It’s Metallica.”  Interpretation 2: “Dude. Four long-haired American arena-rockers drove a crowd of 1.5 million people into a frenzy in the capital city of the United States’ sworn enemy, with the crowd waving American flags, in plain view of Soviet troops,  all in the midst of that country’s collapse.” I don’t know what people do in the State Department these days, but this kind of diplomacy is downright badass.  Sit back and look at that for a second: The world used to love the United States. When did it all go wrong?