De Novo

In the life of a juvenile marmot, there comes a time when these goofy and small, yet noble and excellent, creatures of God must leave the comfort of the burrows of their birth, usually after their first winter, to dig burrows in new, uncharted territories out on the wild frontiers of their colonies (generally speaking: a few hundred yards away).

This bold exploration of the juvenile marmot is absolutely necessary for the colony’s success; first, so the marmot in question can go out to establish himself, thrive and multiply; and second, to make room for new marmots. By striking out on his own, he creates space for all of the marmots in the colony to pursue their individual marmot-y endeavours (eating flowers, pestering hikers, and other way cute stuff) most effectively.


So it is with startup founders. This is just a short note to say that this was my last week as as a director and the COO of Monax, the company I co-founded three years ago; I’m off to pursue other interests.

Cool story, bro,” I hear you say. “Now that you’re a free agent, what’s next?” 

Well, bar admission in New York has been languishing on my to-do list for about ten years. Now seems as good a time as any to get that done. I’ll be on leave for the next 9 months while I read an American LL.M..

Once that wraps, I’ll be back full-time. For now, though, brb.