Eris Industries has a great week

It’s been a good year. It’s been an even better week:

As covered by the New York Business Journal

“Everyone in the market, whether that be an integrator or a bank is being very critical of what’s being offered to them by certain startups,” Preston Byrne, co-founder and CTO of London-based Eris Industries, which won one of the partnerships, told the New York Business Journal. “And they’ve had to do a lot of diligence and figure out what problems it solves and what it doesn’t solve.”

…PwC partner Haskell Garfinkel, said: “For our clients, understanding new world applications of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, adapting it for myriad uses, and using it optimally are critical to improving financial security, efficiency and compliance.”

Earlier this month PwC published a white paper predicting that 2016 would be defined by incumbent blockchain innovators protecting their intellectual property and exploring partnerships with third-parties. Then, on Thursday, fellow “Big Four” accounting firm, Deloitte, published a report calling the blockchain, “the Internet of value exchange,” and providing a primer for interested companies.

Damn it feels good to be a gangster

Noting we were the first team on earth to ship open-source permissioned blockchain code back in December 2014, and noting furthermore how hard we had to fight to get people – Bitcoiners or otherwise – to understand what we were trying to achieve with the “blockchain without bitcoin” idea, I present to you the cover of this week’s Economist magazine: 


Damn, I sure do love it when a plan comes together.