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Eris: Platform for distributed autonomous organizations on the blockchain

Originally posted on Legal Informatics Blog:
Eris — a platform for distributed autonomous organizations (DAOs) that use Ethereum blockchain technology — was launched this week by Project Douglas. According to the project Webite, Eris software is open source and licensed under a modified MIT License. The Project Douglas development team consists of Dennis McKinnon, Casey…

It was a terrible war

Though my poor blog has been badly neglected for the past ten days (good thing I don’t write for a living), fear not – substantial updates should be coming on Project Ðouglas early next week. In the meantime I am going to spend the day and the better part of my evening doing some non-billable work and reading an A4 binder […]

Interview with Stephan Tual on Ethereum’s Project Highlights: Project Ðouglas

My Sunday night interview with Stephan Tual about Project Douglas.

The Ballad of Doug the DAO, Part II: Project Ðouglas

Some of you may have heard I am part of a three-man team working on a project to win the Bitcoin Foundation Replacement bounty (as stated in an interview with Stephan Tual given on Sunday night (will link here when it’s up) (EDIT: Here it is.)). Over the next two weeks you’ll be able to see […]