Eris Industries Leaks – Week 3

One of these is true. Two are not.

1) Eris Industries is bringing back audio to websites. Like Google is Merkle Tree-ifying all the world’s SSL Certs, we’re going to bring the smooth grooves of Del the Funky Homosapien to every website in the world. Or Deltron 3030 as the kids are calling him these days. Now that’s what I call Proof of Hip.

2) Eris Industries has cloned Counterparty on a chalkboard, and we are soon going to release our own new cryptocurrency: Reverse Implementationcoin, which allows you to build Counterparty on Ethereum on Counterparty on Ethereum. On Counterparty.

The first two recipients of Reverse Implementationcoin will be the Ethereum DEV and Counterparty teams, each of which will receive 1,337 RIC. (Love you guys xoxo)

3) Thelonious. Runs on Junk. 

Wow such innovate
Wow such innovate