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The 2015 Fintech Headline “RIP Bitcoin and XBRL, Incumbency Wins”

Originally posted on Daily Fintech:
I promised myself no New Year prognostication posts, but I could not resist this one. There is too much gloomy Eeyore talk about disruptive innovation. Headline # 1: Bitcoin price is down, mining is too expensive, big bad guys will gang up in a 51% attack to steal the last…

Four Pivot Gates That Unicorns Pass Through

Originally posted on Daily Fintech:
This is a “bonus chapterette” from my book Mindshare to Marketshare. Think of these Four Gates like a funnel, with lots at the top and very few at the bottom (just like a sale funnel): Gate #1: Conceptual Clarity. Gate #2: Prove the Concept. Gate #3: Scale within Niche. Gate…

Interview with WCN (video)

Hanging out with totally righteous bro Chris Ellis in London.

Uber for Internet

My follow-on from my last post, Uber for Cats, I am jokingly calling “Uber for Internet.” Read the whole thing over on the EI company blog. I’ll admit, we came out the gate a bit with our heads too deep in the tech and not enough in what our users and developers needed to hear.  Expressing things […]

Uber for Cats

tl;dr: if you haven’t grokked Eris yet, never fear – you’re not alone. (Have a read of this to see an example of someone who has, and was awarded two Eris Industries Stars for his efforts.) We’ll be holding a Google hangout next week to answer all of your questions – so please join! Long version: We’ve received […]