The 2015 Fintech Headline “RIP Bitcoin and XBRL, Incumbency Wins”

2015 in crypto is going to be fascinating. Blockchain-as-data-utility hasn’t yet had its debut in all manner of business process automation applications (not just payments) – people have been talking about “blockchain not bitcoin” for years. When this idea catches on, we’re going to see the full extent of its disruptive potential – and the rest of the cryptocurrency industry will need to either pivot or die.

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I promised myself no New Year prognostication posts, but I could not resist this one.

There is too much gloomy Eeyore talk about disruptive innovation.

Headline # 1:

Bitcoin price is down, mining is too expensive, big bad guys will gang up in a 51% attack to steal the last few ornaments from the burning building.

Headline # 2:

The US Senate will overturn the XBRL Mandate, despite pathetic pleas to #SaveXBRL.

Phew, thank goodness that is over! Stop this crazy innovation express, I want to get off at a familiar station.

I think both gloomy tales are wrong. However nor do I think it will be a “snapback rally” where 2015 suddenly makes all the problems in Bitcoin and XBRL go away.

I stick by my Bitcoin price prediction for 2015 that it will be….boring.

The Bitcoin price won’t be much different as we enter 2016. It wont…

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