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This is how you are supposed to use blockchains and smart contracts

(EDIT, 17/3/15 – and also tl;dr: our distributed does-what-YouTube-does-but-we-can’t-call-it-YouTube is done. Head over to the repo to play around.) Everything you think you know about blockchains is dead wrong: Blockchains aren’t printing presses for money. They’re distributed authentication databases. Smart contracts have nothing to do with the law. They are, as Casey says, scripts – which allow […]

Not advisable

Some celebrities are trying to start a tax protest. Much as I like a bit of civil disobedience I don’t recommend it.  Read the whole thing. 

Eris Industries features in The New Republic

And I’m quoted in the article, entitled After the Bitcoin Gold Rush: Eris Industries, an Ethereum-based project to enable radically decentralized decision-making (named after the Greek goddess of chaos), has pivoted to building internal networks for banks… For the most part, though, big business is catching up to Bitcoin’s Edens and remaking them in its image… “You […]

For Bitcoin to get mass adoption in Underbanked, it has to be more like M-Pesa

Originally posted on Daily Fintech:
The meme that mass adoption for Bitcoin will happen first in the developing world is spreading fast. I don’t buy it. These stories are written by people in the West who are Bitcoin enthusiasts and who are depressed by the lack of mass adoption in the West. So, they grasp…

The marmots are everywhere