Eris Industries features in The New Republic

And I’m quoted in the article, entitled After the Bitcoin Gold Rush:

Eris Industries, an Ethereum-based project to enable radically decentralized decision-making (named after the Greek goddess of chaos), has pivoted to building internal networks for banks…

For the most part, though, big business is catching up to Bitcoin’s Edens and remaking them in its image… “You have to be practical about what you’re doing and not idealistic, because the idealistic doesn’t get implemented,” says Preston Byrne, a founder of Eris.

1) Re: Banks: the writer confused the use-case with the tech. We build a FLOSS database and developer platform that banks can use. It’s free and always will be. 

2) Re practicality: the Great Crypto Correction is coming. And Eris Industries is at the leading edge of what’s coming next.

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